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With mandatory water restrictions looming, we have begun to strategize how best to meet the goals for our customers.  Conserving water, controlling costs, and maintaining the curb appeal / aesthetics of the turf are primary considerations during this time. 

Although the exact strategy to meet the water use restrictions is being left for the local agencies to determine and implement, a number of options are available to meet the reduction to include:

  • Reduce water use in areas that are not visually impactful - low priority areas, while maintaining high profile areas.
  • Convert high volume spray irrigation in shrub beds to low volume drip irrigation.
  • Remove grass and associated spray irrigation to low water use plants and drip irrigation.

We will be evaluating your properties and discussing the available options with each of our customers in the coming weeks.

Programs Available:

The City of Santa Rosa offers "Cash for Grass" & "Irrigation Hardware" upgrade rebate.  These programs provide a cash back incentive ($1.00 per square foot) for removing grass and installing low water use plants and drip irrigation.  It provides a maximum of $500 rebate for residential grass removal and up to $5000 per water meter for commercial properties.  The $1.00 per square foot is a interim increased incentive and may not last for long.  It is normally a $0.50 per foot rebate. Additionally, a secondary rebate is provided to upgrade irrigation hardware from spray to drip, upgrade to a smart controller, install rain-sensors, etc. This rebate is up to $100 for residential and $1000 for commercial properties. Click on the links below for details.

The City of Sonoma has a similar rebate program....

For links to all surrounding city's, click on the following link...

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